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Looking for a fresh start to a new fitness routine or weight loss program? Our gym in Odessa is here to provide all of your health and fitness needs. Between our cardio theater, circuit training area, and women’s only gym, you’ll find endless fitness resources and support from our friendly and fully trained staff. Heroes Fitness in Odessa will help you achieve a fresh new outlook on exercising and the initiative to complete any fitness challenge on your own; a truly Heroic feat!


Finish your Odessa gym experience off with a trip to the dry sauna in the locker rooms, or unwind with a session in the hydro massage beds. You can even keep a fresh summer glow thanks to our stand up tanning beds. We provide the amenities needed to be healthy, fit and happy – all you have to do is show up!


1 - Jesus P.

I joined TruFit a few months ago because my fiancé had her membership there before I & we usually workout together when our schedule allows it. I had came from a really nice gym closer to town that was newer but much more pricey so because of this and my fiancé, I decided to give TruFit a chance. My experience with this gym is not a great one but not a horrible one either. I'll explain. The equipment is fair and it just seems like it takes a little longer than needed to get anything fixed. Since the merge with the new name it seems like they are revamping the place, which is a big plus but it still needs a lot of work. Dumbbells and misc equipment is always missing. I do believe it's mostly up to the member to return the weights to its designated area but I also do believe they should have staff helping to keep weights & equipment organized and in order. The men's restroom always needs attention of some sort. For some reason at least 1 urinal is always broke. It gets fixed but it's always something. I do give them credit for trying to make it suitable for its members but I believe it could do a better job at maintenance the restrooms and equipment. I understand it's going through a process of change at the moment & that's why I will not give it less stars because change does take time. Due to this, I will give them the benefit of doubt. Hopefully by then most of these issues will be addressed and it turns in to a great place that I know it can become. A future review will be provided once the gym is completed.

2 - Bryan G.

In from out of town and a member of a high end gym in Dallas. I'm usually underwhelmed by the gyms in Odessa. Heroes is a surprisingly well stocked gym. The weight room and cardio machine selection is one of the best I've seen anywhere. Do wish there was a hot tub, but otherwise a great place to get your pump on!

3 - Raul H.

They've cleaned up the men's room which was my only complaint. Good job Heroes staff!

4 - Michael C.

Best thing about them is that they're open 24/7 obviously. Also the equipment is really nice and new. Another perk about this gym is that they have a supplement store inside so you don't can just stop by on your way out and just stock up on whatever you need.

5 - Greg M.

Good gym with good options. Relaxed, easy going no judgement type of gym. Exceptions are @$$ holes who feel they need to grunt and drop their 200 lb weights every set of three. Aerobic type classes started with nice group. First time I have seen food brought to a workout. All healthy food.

About Heroes Fitness and Reviews