10 accounts of Instagram Zumba that you must follow

Instagram is the social network of the images most used, their images in square format with filters of colors and their short videos are some of its hallmarks of identity. If you like and use this application, here's a list of the 10 best accounts of Instagram Zumba.

Accounts instagram Zumba

1. Beto Perez

If there is an account that can not miss (and that should be the first in this list of 10 accounts Instagram Zumba that you should follow, this is your creator, Beto Perez (@zumbabeto).

Follow @zumbabeto on Instagram

2. Kass Martin

If I have a ZES (Zumba Education Spacialist) favorite, this is Kass Martin. In his account of instagram (@kassmartin) we can see a lot of videos and images of all your Zumba events with his partner, Steve.

Follow @kassmartin on Instagram

3. Steve

In the account of instagram's also ZES Steve Boedt (@steveboedt), we can find pictures and videos of conventions of Zumba, in that many assists also Kass Martin. In addition to these photos we can also see many of their day-to-day.

Follow @steveboedt on Instagram

4. Zumba with Didem

The account of Instagram of the ZES Didem Zeybek (@zumbawithdidem) is for me one of the best accounts of Zumba of Instagram by the quality of your photos and videos. It is also a user is very active on Instagram, so that we can see some publication nearly every day, as much Zumba as their day-to-day.

Follow @zumbawithdidem to Enter

5. Jessica Expósito

One of the ZES of our country, Jessica Expósito (@jessexposito) have an account on Instagram that are worth following for their videos and photos high-quality, in it we can follow all your Zumba events, such as formations (B1 and ZumbaStep) and classes, in addition to some photos of your day-to-day.

Follow @jessexposito on Instagram

6. Alberto Perlman

Alberto Perlman is another of the "heads" of Zumba, next to Beto Perez. In his account of Instagram (@albertoperlman) we can see quite a few interesting things about Zumba.

Follow @albertoperlman on Instagram

7. Ricardo Zes

Ricardo Marmitte is one of my guys ZES favorites, your video of Instagram I always take out a smile. Ricardo climbs to his account of Instagram (@ricardozes) on all publications about Zumba, with many more videos than other ZES. Ricardo has also a proper motion that has become fashionable and that shows in their videos and choreography.

Follow @ricardozes on Instagram

8. Zes Marcie

Marcie Benavides we can see it in some volumes ZIN in addition to the training videos ZumbaStep. In his account of instagram (@zesmarcie) shows us photographs of events and recordings, plus photos of their day-to-day.

Follow @zesmarcie on Instagram

9. Ecem Ozcan

Ecem Ozcan is another of the ZES, which are worth a follow on Instagram for the good quality of your photos and videos. In his account of Instagram (ecem_oznac) you can watch videos, very good choreography of Zumba.

Follow @ecem_oznac on Instagram

10. Zumba Official

And to finish this list of 10 accounts Instagram Zumba that you should follow, could not miss the official account of Zumba on Instagram (@zumba). In this account published photos and videos related to Zumba, for all ZES, large events such as Zumba Cruise or the Zincon annual convention (for ZIN members), promotion of products like Shake Shake Shake by Zumba (shakes Zumba) or Zumba Wear clothing (Zumba), videos of the specialties of Zumba as Strong, Step, Aqua, Gold...

Follow @zumba Instagram

In addition to these accounts of Instagram of Zumba, you can follow tags such as #zumba or #zeslife to see more pictures and videos related to Zumba.