10 háhabits to lead a life that is más healthy

Being fit and healthy is achieved only by leading a healthy life. As simple as that. Although, of course, that healthy life depends on to whom you ask, as some will be completely against taking even a drop of alcohol, while there will be someone to defend that taking a glass of wine a day or a couple of beers after work form part of lead a healthy life style, because it also has to do with socializing and feeling good psychologically.

10 habits for living a life + healthy

It is clear that the excesses are not good, nor the absolute lack of certain healthy ingredients. For example, you do not need mashing doing sport, because in the future they can come injuries, but it is unmovable that getting regular exercise helps both physical and mental. Neither as much nor as bald, a healthy life is to develop the ten habits that feel better level of food, physical activity, rest, social, and be ok with oneself.

1. Drink lots of water

70 % of our body is water, so it is essential to replace what we lost to the throughout the day. You should drink at least eight glasses a day, because only this will cleanse the body and eliminate toxins, in addition that helps us to better digest, speed up the metabolism (which also helps to lose weight) and improves the appearance of our hair and our skin.

2. Do sport regularly

Staying active is essential for our body. In terms of practicing an activity regularly, it is important to perform some type of cardiovascular exercise: walking, running, swimming, riding a bike or the performance of activities such as aerobics.

The excuse is to put in place our heart to keep it healthy and don't let it overwhelm you by the fats.

Perform exercises located is a plus that helps keep us in shape and toned. And if you've never practiced sport and your ability to be a constant is zero, it is best that you choose a personal trainer that you target the bug and with that achieve specific objectives for that then continue to be more motivating.

3. Reduces the intake of fat

The saturated and trans fats (the bad fats), are present in junk food, as well as in fried foods or other foods very high in calories. The fats you eat should be healthy, as is the case of omega-3 fatty acids (present in fish oil, olive oil or nuts).

4. Eliminates bad habits

As are alcohol and tobacco, as well as the abuse of caffeine, because what that brings to our body is very unhealthy. Take a glass of wine or a few beers there is nothing wrong, but we must not fall into routine and end up abusing.

5. It takes a lot of fiber

Vegetables, fruit, nuts and other foods are rich in fiber, plus they possess many other properties, which will help you to improve digestion and prevent constipation. Remember that there is to take five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.

6. Not to refined carbohydrates

That is to say, the industrial bakery and sweets hiperazucarados, as it does not form part of a nutritious diet. Any once in a while is not a problem, but it is not advisable to abuse them.

7. Remove the stress from your life

Stress is the evil of the TWENTY-first century that harms us mentally, physically, and emotionally.

You have to live life being healthy and being happy and don't let the problems of the day-to-day divert us from that goal. Practice yoga or meditation are two activities that will help you to eliminate or decrease the stress of your day-to-day.

8. Limiting the consumption of salt and sugar

First, limiting its use in the kitchen, but also taking into account that they are very much present in the canned products you buy in the supermarket (any tomato sauce in the pot will bring many added sugars). For this reason, it is ideal to cook our own meals at the full, and to avoid the use of processed and packaged foods.

9. Mingle

Our mental and emotional health asks us to surround ourselves regularly of friends and people —non-toxic, of course— with which to chat and spend a nice time. Our bar of happiness will increase and we will feel more alive and healthy.

10. Sleep 8 hours a day

Our body needs to recover from the day's activity, and this is what provides a good rest during the hours needed. Some people need more sleep than others (which in any case does not usually vary a lot), but the important thing is to sleep enough hours so that when you wake up, we feel well-rested and with enough energy to take advantage of the new day.

Infographic: 10 habits to lead a healthier life

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