&are you;Cuáthem are the best essential oils for body massage?

The massages are directly related to good athletic performance. The rest, the relaxation, the massages, are a form of releasing the muscles and descontracturar after a hard training session. The use of massage oils suitable will help to achieve the desired result, whether descontracturar, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, treating injuries, etc...

Uses of essential oils in athletes

The massage for athletes are used for different purposes. The prevention or treatment of sports-related injuries are the most common uses of massage, but there are also others. Among them we highlight the relaxation of the muscles, myofascial release and elimination of contractures. The massages are also a way to increase athletic performance, since they speed up muscle recovery time.

Essential oils for sports massage

The use of oils to perform the massage will depend on the objective of such a massage. The use of essential oils is an art, each one has "his", it is a matter of time and try different oils to find the best oil for each one, but also others are elected by their properties.

Then we will see a small summary of what are the best oils for massage depending on the type of massage.

Oil of arnica

Arnica is one of the natural remedies known for treatment of injuries. Its anti-inflammatory properties are used to relieve injuries, sprains or tendinitis. In addition, another of its properties is the antifungal, beneficial for treating some skin problems.

Oil, devil's claw

The devil's claw or harpago, is a plant highly valued in natural medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is the natural anti-inflammatory more powerful and used. This plant is an alternative to the oral anti-inflammatory traditional, but can also be found in oil.

A massage with oil, devil's claw helps to eliminate muscle pain, tendonitis, injury, lumbago, etc...

Lavender essential oil

The lavender essential oil applied in massage, produces a calming and relaxing effect, in addition, their properties desinflamantes used to treat contractures, as well as to reduce the pain caused by overexertion of the muscles or muscle injuries.

Rosemary oil

The oil of rosemary is used in natural medicine to eliminate ailments. If it is pure essential oil of rosemary, can not be used directly on the skin, so it must be diluted with another oil. This oil produces a rise in blood circulation and "warms up" the muscles. The massage with rosemary oil is ideal both before and after the training.

Essential oil of juniper

This is one of the most commonly used oils for the treatment of injuries. The essential oil of juniper berry is anti-inflammatory, soothing and sadante, making it a perfect oil for a relaxing massage. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, is also highly valued for the treatment of contractures, muscle injury, inflammatory in origin.

How to use these oils

It is worth noting, that some of these essential oils can not be used alone, directly on the skin, because they are too strong. These should be combined or discounted with another oil, called carrier oil. It is important to always read the instructions and precautions of each one of these oils. You can find this information on the label of each one of them.

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