&are you;whyé it is important to have a good posture?

Poor posture is one of the causes of back problems. Having a good posture is not simply aesthetic. Lumbar or cervical ailments can be directly related to a bad postural hygiene. The disorders caused by bad posture can affect the quality of life in the medium and long term.

Consequences of poor posture

Adopt poor posture can have negative consequences for our health and our quality of life. Some of these are pain in the back (lumbar, dorsal and cervical. It also decreases the flexibility, greatly increasing the risk of injury. The decompensation and compensation in the body can also affect our balance, increasing the risk of falls.

Then we will see some of the back problems that can lead to bad postural hygiene.

Lumbar pain

The lumbar pains are often related with long working hours in the quee will remain seated. Work sitting with your back "hunched" for a long time, you can increase the pressure between the vertebrae and cause pain.

Another of the causes of low back pain during the working days, is in those works in which is loaded weight. Pick up and move heavy objects incorrectly can lead to contractures and pressure intravertebral.

Pain in the dorsal spine

The pain in the lumbar spine usually occur when we remain seated for a long time with a curvature in the dorsal exaggerated. This kind of positions cause in addition to an imbalance in the shoulders that are rotated forward.

This type of postural problems are common in people with office jobs, the use of a spell-checker back during the working day can ease the pains produced, and in addition help to improve posture during work hours.

When it curves to the spine and rotate the shoulders forward, it accentuates the curve cifótica of the column. This can trigger in a problem of hipercifosis. A corrector of posture will help us further to prevent rotation of the shoulders forward.

Neck pain

The muscle tension that causes a bad posture at the cervical level can cause pains in the neck and shoulders, contractures, headache, dizziness or tinnitus, among others. This type of stress can occur, in addition to poor posture, and also stress.

Bloated belly

A bad position of the pelvis can cause the abdomen to move forward, producing an effect of bloated belly. Also, the poor positioning of the pelvis can cause problems at the lumbar level.

How to improve posture

  1. To strengthen the muscles. The muscles strong helps to maintain and stabilize the posture. It is convenient to do sports at least 3 days a week.
  2. Take care of the posture. In addition to doing exercise to strengthen the muscles, it is advisable to perform exercises that benefit the posture, such as the Pilates method.
  3. To sit correctly: straight back, shoulders well placed (towards the back, and down, avoiding the tension). It is also convenient to get up and stretch your legs from time to time. The use of braces back can help us to keep a straight back when we spent several hours sitting.

We hope that these tips to have a good posture you have served and help you put them into practice to keep your back in good condition the greatest number of years possible. As said by Joseph Pilates: "A man is as young as your spine".