&are you;whyé not am losing weight?

One of the most frequent questions that I usually find is the of whatwhy not am losing weight? This post is based on my experience with people who ask me daily in my work, the questions that I ask and some of the most common mistakes when losing weight.

I want to start with the common mistakes, and then disassemble laa lie that unfortunately I've heard quite a few times.

Common mistakes: why I am losing weight?

Skipping meals and not going to a professional are the most frequent errors that are committed at the time of losing weight. If you want to lose weight, I recommend you take a look at our article: how to lose weight well and to this other article: how to speed up metabolism for weight loss.

1 – do Not put yourself in the hands of a specialist

Many people get diets that are going to copy on a photocopier.

"I just go on a diet, the made the premium of the well-known of a friend, and lost 10 kilos... It was made by a nutritionist."

Why is this an error? Much of that diet created by a specialist, that diet has been created especially for that person. The custom diets for weight loss developed by professionals (nutritionists, endocrinologists...) are based on studies of that particular person. What you can function, others do not. Maybe that person if you have lost weight, but you don't adelgaces doing the same diet.

2 – Skipping meals

Another of the most frequent errors in the who want to lose weight is to skip meals, or the "eating nothing", which we'll see below.

"Why not am losing weight if you only like once a day?"

Error. It is better to spread the food for the day in 5 shots, better than in one or two. If you only eat once or twice a day, not only increase our anxiety, if not that when it comes time to eat we will have a lot more hunger.

"I do not breakfast"

Not eating breakfast is a huge MISTAKE. After the hours of fasting from the night, a good breakfast is of vital importance. A full breakfast, with foods that contain protein and carbohydrates, is the best option. Why a full breakfast helps us to lose weight? In this way we will be filled (and fed) more time, and not fall into the temptation of snacking between meals. Being satisfied, we will not have food cravings.

This is also very common:

"Not am losing weight.. and that breakfast turkey codido"

Oh... no! Have you ever stopped to look at the nutritional values of the cooked turkey that is sold in the supermarkets? When you see the little percentage of turkey meat that you have, and the muchísmos added sugars that it contains, you'll change of idea, and you'll know why you're not losing weight if you eat that.

Example of breakfast right

What can I eat breakfast? You can take an alternative more mediterranean and healthy, and breakfast toasted whole wheat bread with tomato and olive oil, jams 0%, or toast with a piece of fresh cheese. If you like pancakes, there are ways to be "fit" to prepare them, as this prepared for pancakes Weider.

Eye with the bread... The bread dry, as the peaks, gain more in proportion to the fresh bread, as fresh bread (normal bread) contains more water. For the same reason, the crust of the bread fattens more than the crumb, because the latter contains more water.

Then.. What can I eat breakfast? I'll tell you what I breakfast, for example. A piece of fruit, an orange juice, an egg codido, two slices of whole wheat bread toasted, with olive oil and grated tomato. Other days I change the egg for cheese or serrano ham. Other times change the juice for a green tea. As you can see, it is a breakfast varied and complete. Try to avoid the tomato packaging, which usually contains sugars, it is best to grate a tomato, or to do it slices. It is only an example. That is my breakfast.

Why not am losing weight if you do not as NOTHING?

And here is the biggest lie of all.

I want to clarify, that here I am not referring to people with hormonal problems, problems with metabolism, or with problems and alterations in the gland tiróides (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism...). These problems mentioned here can make a person gain a lot of weight easily. This is not going for them.

I am referring to those who are trying to lose weight, who want to lose 10 pounds without changing any habit, and without doing anything, in a magical way. I like to tell the truth on my blog, in my classes and workouts, and my clients, for what ever I'm going to move the hand in the back telling you what you want to hear when I hear the following lie: "I do not know why not am losing weight if you do not like anything"

Not am losing weight and not as nothing

Really? Do not eat ANYTHING?... Me strange that you follow in the foot... Another thing is that I don't want to talk about (or ashamed) of what you eat, or if what little you eat, you're doing it right or not. As we have said above, maybe you're committing some error, such as skipping meals. The most common is that the people that say this, it is not entirely true and bite between hours, take a few eating habits not at all correct, or are not aware that they really are eating more than you think.

An acquaintance of an acquaintance once said to me: "Ah... So you do the sport? I is not is not am losing weight, if you do not like ANYTHING". That person, 15 minutes before, just eat a muffin cream huge in front of me. Do you seriously think that I'm going to believe that you do not eat anything?

Not you are doing yourself any favors when you try to a healthcare professional, nutrition or sport. These professionals are there to help you to lose weight, and the more data they have (and do not lie), the better. It is possible that you a bit embarrassed to tell your coach or nutritionist that you really like sweets, which desayunas buns with colacao, that mid-morning you can eat a palm tree and dinners French fries all night... but really, you don't win anything telling you that you do not eat anything (just because you stop eating the main meal). So no.

Really... be honest with the professionals of the diet and the sport, they will be able to help you lose weight, get rid of these kilos of more, of a proper form, healthy and avoiding the rebound in the diets.

Skipping meals, eating little and badly... can cause in your body the rebound effect. Do you know which is the rebound effect? In a few words is when you do a diet and let it recover all the lost weight or a pound more.