&are you;whyé we have to use trekking poles?

Why use trekking poles? If you are a fan of hiking paths, it is possible that you have raised whether to buy or not this type of canes. The canes are a must have accessory especially useful in mountain and today we're going to see what are the reasons for using them

Trekking as a sport

Trekking or hiking is a physical activity that consists of going for a walk for the nature: mountains, beaches, rivers, forests, etc, This activity is seen as a sport when it is more difficulty of the terrain.

The physical demand of the activity depends directly on the type of path that is to be performed, since land easy that can be taken almost as a walk, up to land more complicated in that we find more obstacles such as rivers to cross, hills and slopes, rocks, etc

At that point is when the route turns in a sporting activity with a more physically demanding in terms of strength and resistance on the part of those who practise it. The use of walking sticks we would greatly facilitate the practice of sports of trekking.

Why is it important to use hiking poles.

Then we leave a list of eight reasons why you should use hiking poles. If you like to go out to the mountain, the poles are an ally you can't miss.

Reasons and benefits of using hiking poles

  1. Increase traction in difficult terrain, such as those slippery type of mud, snow, rivers, or sand, thus avoiding possible falls.
  2. Reduce the stress on joints such as knees or ankles. Thanks to the use of canes, we can hand out or offset the burden of our body weight between the lower and upper back, relieving the lower joints of part of the burden, especially on descents.
  3. Greater stability and balance. Use trekking poles gives us two points of support. In relation to the previous point, these two extra points of support are the ones that we serve, in addition to evenly distribute the weight, to have a better balance. To better balance, lower risk of falling.
  4. First aid. In an emergency situation, a cane can be used as a splint.
  5. Improves the rate. Thanks to the use of canes, we can be faster on land more easily, such as those that are flat.
  6. Provide support and rest. We can rest on them once in a while during the march.
  7. We help to boots on the ground. The poles will serve to calculate the depth of a puddle or a stream, to know if the snow that we're going to step on is soft, his depth... to Calculate the strength of the field in a safe manner to prevent falls and injury.
  8. To clear the way. Thanks to the poles we can to remove obstacles such as branches or brambles in the way.

Where to buy them

If you are convinced and decided to buy some walking sticks to go hiking, you have to know that it is very easy to find this type of instrument. Specialty stores as bastonesdesenderismo.online you can find a selection of the best canes: folding, wood, carbon, nordic walking...

Would you like to go out for a walk on the nature? Are you one of walks or routes that are more demanding? We would like to know what have been your experiences with the trekking and if you've ever used hiking poles on your routes.