How to do squats

Squats or Squats are one of the exercises most comprehensive and effective to work the legs and buttocks. Learn how to do squats correctly to avoid possible injury and to do an exercise 100% effective.

What are squats


The squats (Squats), are an exercise of the legs mainly in the work, in addition to the quadriceps, the following muscle groups: spinal, buttocks and abdominal area. The exercise consists in lowering, with the legs apart, simulating the movement that we do when we sit down, getting a full muscle work out.

How to do squats

Here you have the guidelines to do the squat exercise correctly:

  • Separates the legs, a little more than the width of the shoulders.
  • Keep the feet parallel or slightly open (but not too much). The lower, the knee must follow the direction of the foot.
  • Take the buttocks back down.
  • Don't forget to contract the glutes to raise

Frequent errors in the execution of this exercise:

  • Do not bend too much, the ideal is not to exceed an angle of 90 ° so that it does not suffer from the joint.
  • Do not hunch your back, this is an error I see quite a lot in class.
  • The knee should not exceed the tip of the foot so as not to overload the joint.

Video, how to do squats

I leave here a video that explains how to do squats. There are many videos on how to do aquats or squats, I have chosen this because I am 100% agree in what you say, so much to the exercise, as in the opinion about the excessive weight that are sometimes added to this exercise. In addition, the way of explain is very clear.

Challenge fitness of squats in 30 days

If you already know how to do squats and want to try a challenge fitness 30 days to work your glutes and legs, I leave here a link: Challenge Fitness squats in 30 days.


Exercises for the legs

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Group classes where you do squats

If you are looking for a group class where you do this exercise, the class GAP is your class. Is the activity in which you are working the glutes, abs and legs. You can also do squats, or squats in other classes like Body Pump.